Dusting off the blog

Four years since my last post…

Although I put blogging on pause, we haven’t stopped having adventures:

  • Moved from Brazil to the U.S.
  • Struggled to adapt to the U.S.
  • Moved from Connecticut to North Carolina
  • Bought our first house
  • Seen a total solar eclipse
  • Had a daughter
  • Struggled to walk the tension between work and parenthood, hustle and relaxation, commitment and flexibility. Still trying to figure this out – it’s a constant adaptation.
  • Traveled to Brazil (twice), Thailand (twice), Spain, Germany, and Portugal, speaking at several entrepreneur conferences and visiting family and friends:

We’re currently waiting out the coronavirus here in Brazil – and I’m attempting to resurrect this blog. I make no promises regarding regularity of posts! But I’ll try to redeem the small scraps of time I have to publish some thoughts and stories.