Years from now

15 years ago, I:

– loved Sesame Street
– had a new baby brother
– used to visit my great-grandmother, who I’m named after (middle name)
– had an imaginary friend named Rupert the Bunnybird
– held my nose when visiting the Bronx Zoo

10 years ago, I:
– was very passionate about the soccer and tackle football I played at recess
– loved Legos
– built shelters and climbed vines in my back woods
– got glasses
– had a huge crush on at least 4 or 5 boys in my class

5 years ago, I:
– had a broken leg
– was an emotional wreck because I’d recently skipped from 8th to 10th grade
– began learning Spanish
– had a raw egg toss at my birthday party
– was very self-conscious

3 years ago, I:
– was completing college applications
– was having an awesome senior year with Abu, Punjab, and everyone else
– was captain of my high school’s varsity soccer team
– cut my hair shorter than shoulder-length for the first time
– got my drivers’ license
– landed my first axel

2 years ago, I:
– was a very shy freshman
– started capoeira
– wore a hat almost all the time
– skipped chemistry almost every day
– dated the Ratman
– learned a lot of lessons from my roommate’s mistakes
– thanked God that I was not personally affected by 9/11

1 year ago, I:
– declared my chem major
– lived in a suite
– worked a total of almost 20 hr/week in 3 jobs
– wasn’t sure if I’d be able to finish at HamTech, or would have to transfer
– had become more outgoing
– participated in our capoeira club’s first performance

Yesterday, I:
– slept until noon
– had an awesome skating session
– ate latkes
– watched You’ve Got Mail
– played the piano for two hours

Today, I:
– slept until noon
– roamed the mall and bookstore with mom
– went to see In America (good movie)
– wore capoeira pants
– got a tie-dye bandana!

Tomorrow, I will:
– probably sleep till noon
– pack and head to Rochester
– probably do nothing else remotely interesting besides spending 7 hours in a car

1 year from now, I will:
– be one semester from graduating college
– no longer be a teenager (lol – finally )
– have a backflip
– have a new computer
– be able to speak Portuguese

5 years from now, I will:
– be in grad school
– have a figure skating coach again, and be working through double jumps (hopefully)
– have published something
– be living outside the northeast (maybe?)

10 years from now, I will:
– have a Ph.D.
– have finished paying off my loans from HamTech
– be in Brazil researching natural products
– married? kids? maybe.
– compete in the Adult Nationals

15 years from now, I will:
– have found the cure for cancer
– probably be dead from some weird disease I caught in the Amazon
– who knows?????