The Glamorous and Not-So-Glamorous Parts of Being an Online Entrepreneur

No... no private jet yet!

No… no private jet yet!

Glamorous: Sales coming in while you sleep.

Not glamorous: Putting in hours of work during a string of completely sales-less days.

Glamorous: Having complete schedule freedom.

Not glamorous: Spending many Friday and Saturday nights working because there’s something that MUST get done.

Glamorous: Knowing your work is being read/watched by several million people across the globe.

Not glamorous: FREAKING OUT when you break something or your site goes offline.

Glamorous: Getting fan mail.

Not glamorous: The imposter syndrome making you doubt and second-guess yourself.

Glamorous: Finishing and publishing an awesome lesson / e-book / course.

Not glamorous: Having a cranky customer inform you that the links in your lesson / e-book / course are broken.

Glamorous: Creating products once, which you can sell over and over again.

Not glamorous: Writing a big fat check to the U.S. government for self-employment tax.

Glamorous: Breaking out of “the matrix” and living outside society’s scripts and standard expectations.

Not glamorous: When people look at the fruits of your labor and say, “You’re so lucky.”

Glamorous: Being able to work anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Not glamorous: Panicking when you can’t get an internet connection.

Glamorous: Masterminding with other brilliant up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Not glamorous: Being planted on your butt staring at a screen for a good portion of the day.

Glamorous: Acquiring multiple awesome skills through hands-on experience.

Not glamorous: Being a control freak and having trouble trusting anyone to do it as well as you can.

Glamorous: Hiring someone to do work you don’t want to do yourself.

Not glamorous: One of your contractors taking your $100 deposit and disappearing, never to be heard from again.

Glamorous: Creating the life you desire by working on your own projects, which you genuinely enjoy, and making a real positive impact in other people’s lives.

There is no unglamorous side to that!


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