João Sorrisão

Vem com João Sorrisão! Vem com João Sorrisão!

At least 98% of the “sports” news on Brazilian TV is coverage of soccer. You might think it’d get boring watching goal after goal – right?


Almost as important as actually scoring the goal is how you celebrate it afterwards. Some players do a little samba, others do a flip, others organize their fellow players into a mini-choreography, etc. The best celebrations are sure to be shown on TV.

Enter João Sorrisão. His name means “Big Smile John,” and he has revolutionized the fine art of goal commemoration. João Sorrisão is a character created by Esporte Espetacular, a popular sports show. He has his very own song AND dance:

Not only that, but he also has a mission: any player who scores a goal and commemorates with the João Sorrisão dance wins an inflatable João Sorrisão. And the players actually do it!

I love João Sorrisão and whenever he comes on TV, I start doing the dance. That is, until the time when I leaned back with a little too much energy and bashed my head against the wall. Christian just about died laughing.

I think he should’ve bought me a João Sorrisão to make me feel better!