How Brazilian are you?

Take this quiz to find out how Brazilian (or not) you are:


  • You eat all the parts of the traditional feijoada, including the chunks of skin, ear, and foot: + 7
  • The idea of eating chicken hearts grosses you out: – 5
  • Lunch is the biggest meal of your day: + 4
  • You like your coffee Starbucks-style: – 6
  • You put farinha on everything: + 3


  • Your last name is only one word: – 5
  • You say “Ai!” and not “Ow!” when you get hurt: + 5
  • You’ve used “psiu” to get someone’s attention: + 2
  • Your Portuguese has corrupted your English to the point where you sometimes sound like a non-native speaker: + 4
  • You sometimes end your sentences with “…viu?” + 4
  • You accidentally order “poop water” (água de cocô) instead of “coconut water” (água de coco): – 6

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Health & Personal Care

  • You shower at least twice a day: + 3
  • You only leave the house “arrumada” (put together) and “cheirosa” (smelling good): + 4
  • You feel uncomfortable in a bikini or sunga: – 5
  • You have a small scar on your upper arm from a childhood vaccination: + 3
  • You wear your Havaianas everywhere: – 2
  • You start complaining about the “cold” when the temperature dips below 70 degrees: + 2

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Social & Lifestyle

  • You RSVP in a timely fashion: – 3
  • You spend time with your parents / in-laws at least once a week: + 5  (double that if you live with your parents / in-laws)
  • You don’t dance because you think you “can’t dance”: – 5
  • You think it’s normal to pay for a R$40 purchase in four installments: + 4
  • You don’t know who Faustão, Xuxa, Luciano Huck, Silvio Santos, or Ana Maria Braga are: – 1 for each
  • You do your own laundry, dishes, and cleaning: – 2
  • You have a favorite soccer team: + 5
  • Your devotion to your team is so great that you dress your baby in the team uniform, set off fireworks when a goal is scored, and may have gotten into fights with fans of rival teams: + 10


  • 61-70 points – Insanely Brazilian
  • 51-60 points – Very Brazilian
  • 41-50 points – More Brazilian than not
  • 31-40 points – Somewhat Brazilian
  • 21-30 points – A little bit Brazilian
  • 11-20 points – Not very Brazilian
  • 10 points or less – Totally NOT Brazilian
  • Shayna

    My score = 32. I am somewhat Brazilian :-p

  • Well, I’m somewhat Brazilian, too. Especially love the ‘viu’….lol…did it the other day, and my American friend on Skype said “What?!?!?!” lol

  • Ha ha! I scored -4. Guess I’m not very Brazilian.

  • Vixi, 8 years in Brazil and I got 17 – not very Brazilian! And that only because I counted 15 points claiming to be devoted to a soccer team, which is a bit of an exaggeration. Very well-chosen markers of culture, though – clearly the test proves how strong our original culture remains no matter how long we live in a second culture. My three year old, on the other hand, would ace this quiz!

    • Shayna

      You totally get an additional 10 points for saying “Vixi” !

  • Ha, I try! I totally earned my 4 points for speaking Portuguese-influenced English – beside random mistakes and forgotten words, “nossa” slips out ALL the time. And my three-year-old says things like “Where Daddy went? I gonna find ‘im.” And them I’m not sure if that’s normal three-year-old talk or my complete failure to teach her basic English grammar! 😉

  • Lori McHugh

    Oy – I scored a -1!

    • Shayna

      Wherever you lost your points, I’m SURE it wasn’t on the “can’t dance” one!

  • I LOVE THIS! Soo funny! I love how everything here needs to be cheirosa, even people, and pet names for people are “meu cheiro”! Oh, Brazil. If only your bikinis and underwear covered more than 1/8th of my butt…. hahaha great find and great pictures!

    Cheers from an American in Rondonia!

  • SOOOOO funny! The last name one cracks me up. When my husband got his green card they asked him what he wanted his name to be because it was too long. We picked the best sounding last name (dos Santos) and rolled with that.

  • I Don’t Have A Name

    i scored -20

  • I only got 18 🙁

    Howdy from Belo Horizonte!

    • Shayna

      Hi 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! I’ve been to BH once for a capoeira event, but unfortunately I didn’t get to see much of the city.

  • Guilherme Lima

    I’m Brazilian living in UK and i got -2 🙁