Brazilian foods I hate

Arroz doce (Image source)

Some parts of the feijoada. Feijoada, the Brazilian national dish, is a black bean stew with various bits of meat mixed in; it’s served over rice. Sometimes sketchy pieces of fat or skin or cartilage appear in it. I know that the feijoada originated with the slaves receiving all the leftover bits of meat and that the original dish contained ears, feet, and tail, but… I just leave some things to the side!

Mamão (papaya). In my opinion, this fruit is just gross. I think it tastes like – I know this sounds weird – dental equipment containing plastic and rubber and gauze.

Arroz doce. It’s a sweet rice pudding served for dessert. I find it’s usually not sweet enough, and it’s served cold and has the appearance and consistency of vomit.

Rapadura (sugarcane candy): crumbly brown chunks of essentially pure sugar with a waxy/chalky consistency, too sickeningly sweet for me to stomach.

Milho verde ice cream (green corn ice cream). Ice cream should not be the flavor of a vegetable. Enough said. The Brazilians really like milho verde; there’s a type of pudding made out of it too, which I could also do without.

Caldo de cana (sugarcane juice): Tried it once and I just think it tastes bad. I dislike the smell too.

Brazilian milk. So I finally got to the point where I liked drinking plain milk in the U.S. (1% or 2% generally) and then I came here and I don’t know what it is about the milk in Brazil, but to me it tastes gross. I don’t mind it if it’s mixed in with a fruit juice or used in cooking… but there’s no way I’ll drink it plain.

  • I CANNOT STAND BRAZILIAN MILK EITHER! I thought i was the only one. I have to buy the desnatada and even then the taste is so strong i have to drink it either with coffee or toddy to not taste it. i cant do cereal or granola and milk at ALL because it just makes me sick to my stomach. it’s not that its thicker, its the smell and the taste that get to me!! 🙂

    • Shayna

      I do wonder why it tastes so different. Is it something in the processing or pasteurization? Do they add more (or different) chemicals to it… or less?

      But I’ve noticed that not even the Brazilians drink milk plain – they too mix it with coffee or Toddy, or drink it inside a vitamina!

  • I know what you mean about feijoada – as you say, the authentic ones should have ear and tail and so on, but when I make it, I really gringo it up and use pork fillet (filet migon suino)!

    I like Caldo de cana with a pastel and a hangover – but I couldn’t drink much. One small cup and I’m done.

    I’m not a big fan of the milk either. Back home we only have pasteurised milk but it seems in many other countries the norm is to have UHT. UHT (in my opinion) sucks. Of course it does last *much* longer – that part I like.

  • I’m a brazilian and agree with you,i hate almost all this foods too.

  • Gabi

    My fiancée went to NY and said the american milk tastes HORRIBLY, she said is too sweet. I think milk is something whose taste you get accostumed with, with such an early age, that any small difference in the flavor can be felt. But i dont know what you mean, milk here tastes delicious to me, totally drinkable even though we dont actually have this habit.

    Have you already tried barreado? Is a tipical food from my state (I’m from Curitiba-Paraná). It’s AMAZING, meat cooked for hours in a special ceramic pan, with a very particular seasoning. Normally eaten with banana and farinha de mandioca.

    • Shayna

      Hi Gabi,

      That’s funny! I guess it is really an “acquired taste.”

      I’ve never heard of barreado, but it sounds delicious – I hope to try it someday!

  • brunagabriella

    Ugh, I also hate Brazilian milk! Never in my life I thought I could drink plain milk and I do it happily here in the USA (only skim milk though, anything else tastes too fat for me). One of the things I wanna do when I go back is to try leite desnatado because I don’t remember having that in my parents’ house at all so I don’t even know the taste of that.