Brazil Mystery #3 – Why do Brazilians eat Halls like candy?

Before coming to Brazil, I thought Halls were cough drops – you know, something you only use when you’re sick, because the menthol and eucalyptus soothe your throat. A visit to the U.S. Halls website shows I’m not crazy – the website is titled “Halls Cough Drops,” and its “Find the right Halls for you” feature includes symptoms such as “I have a scratchy throat” and “I have an irritating cough.”

But Brazilians suck on Halls like they were candy or breath mints. There are commercials here suggesting that Halls-flavored breath will make any girl you kiss crazy for you. And if you visit the Brazilian Halls Facebook page, they have this video called “Sensation that Inspires” showing the sparks of some chemistry between a guy and a girl, expressed through meaningful gazes, all motivated by the offer of a Halls.

You can also find a chart showing what your astrological sign shows about your kissing ability:

Seriously, what gives?

Is the taste of menthol an aphrodisiac for Brazilians?

  • Yeah! Good spot! Now that you mention it, Halls are everywhere aren’t they? Back in the UK they are only for people with colds or sore throats (the black ones are pretty powerful!). First time I was offered one in Brazil I was confused though – “You want an Allezz? 😉

    • Shayna

      I usually accept an “Allezz” if offered – though I try to stay away from the black ones; you’re right, they’re like dynamite!

  • Ugh – I associate the smell of menthol with people having a cold – and I would NOT want to kiss them!

  • Maybe it is strategic marketing by Halls. They wanted to get into the Brazilian market, but people don’t generally get colds here so they needed another angle. HA!
    With new products of course – I don’t remember ever seeing a watermelon flavored Halls in the U.S.

    • Shayna

      There are some weird flavors, though – maracuja with chocolate inside? Raspberry with mint? ick!

  • If Halls & menthol are a desirable smell for Brazilains, then I’m going to start using Vicks Vapo Rub as perfume and Tiger Balm as body splash. Hehehe.

  • Edemilson Lima

    We Brazilians are so used to it, that is really normal for us. Since the temperatures here are high most part of the year, we like things that make our breath fresh. To my taste, not all Halls flavors are enjoyable or do I like to smell them on other people’s mouth. But I never figured that Halls is a medicine, not a common candy. The industry never show it like that here.

  • Lucas

    Actually, when your breath is smelling like alcoholic drinks, Halls can take away the smell and young boys who like drinking without enough age can trick their parents and not get caught 😛
    And those “fresh breath for kissing” is just for commercials, I don’t think people care to this in fact. Halls taste good, that’s why we use this as a candy ehiuaheuia
    Btw, people like astrology here, but in my case, I think that’s stupid.. hahaha
    and yes, I didn’t even know it was made a medicine, not a candy .-. even though I knew it could be used as cough drops!

  • Gabi

    Dude….halls is very famous here in Brazil when it comes to kissing, for having a good breath. But the black one is extremely famous for having oral sex….if you know what I mean. And also, there is a drink that young people make, using black halls and vodka and condensed milk and some other stuff. I think the taste is terrible, plus it makes your tongue and throath go like boom….but indeed is very popular amongst the youngs.

    • Shayna

      Wow, that drink does sound terrible!

  • Wow! I didn’t know that in U.S.A. halls were only for people who have cough…
    I’ve never liked the taste of halls anyway.
    In Brazil, black halls are also very known as a “plus” in oral sex because of the cold sensation…

    I liked your blog, I’ll read more about your impressions of Brasil.


    • Shayna

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Juliano! I didn’t know that about the black Halls, either.

    • Danilo Sanches Estevam

      I’ll say it in portuguese..
      pow bro… vc contou pra eles a nossa técnica ninja!!! rsrsrs

    • William Marques

      Dude, don’t show our tactics to the ally’s…

  • Guilherme Lima

    Yes, you’re right. I left Brazil 5 years ago but i still eat it like candy and people here look at me weird!