Brazil Mystery #3 – Why do Brazilians eat Halls like candy?

Before coming to Brazil, I thought Halls were cough drops – you know, something you only use when you’re sick, because the menthol and eucalyptus soothe your throat. A visit to the U.S. Halls website shows I’m not crazy – the website is titled “Halls Cough Drops,” and its “Find the right Halls for you” feature includes symptoms such as “I have a scratchy throat” and “I have an irritating cough.”

But Brazilians suck on Halls like they were candy or breath mints. There are commercials here suggesting that Halls-flavored breath will make any girl you kiss crazy for you. And if you visit the Brazilian Halls Facebook page, they have this video called “Sensation that Inspires” showing the sparks of some chemistry between a guy and a girl, expressed through meaningful gazes, all motivated by the offer of a Halls.

You can also find a chart showing what your astrological sign shows about your kissing ability:

Seriously, what gives?

Is the taste of menthol an aphrodisiac for Brazilians?