Hello Smart Passive Income Listeners!

I enjoyed sharing my story with Pat on the podcast, and I hope it has encouraged you! My business has never “taken off,” it has just grown slowly and steadily – so if you feel like your entrepreneurial efforts are taking forever to bear fruit… don’t quit, and don’t lose heart!

Here are some more of my thoughts and stories on entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurs in Motion Podcast

  • Hey Shayna,

    just listened to your interview with Pat Flynn. Great job and very inspirational. I am kind of student of Pat myself. I am a photographer and I sell photo educational programs through my blog PhotoTraces.com and for some time I was thinking about offering my programs on flash drives. Would you mine telling me what fulfillment and shipping service you are using?


    • Hey Viktor, glad you enjoyed the interview! I actually ship them myself – I just buy the flash drives on Amazon, load the courses onto them, and send them out in padded envelopes twice a week.

      I looked for a shipping and fulfillment service before, but I couldn’t really find one that deals with such small volumes (I ship maybe 30 of these a month) and would be worth it for the price. If the volume increases to the point where it becomes a pain to do it myself, then I’ll look into it again.

  • Great interview Shayna, I’m a Guatemalan living in Florida. I have a full-time job as a graphic designer and I teach at night at Community College, your interview inspired me to keep working on my idea of selling mini online courses, about how to design cliparts and printables for teachers. Thanks for sharing your story and the fact that it took some time, it’s encouraging.

    • Thanks, Marielle! I love your idea, because there are a lot of bad printables out there – when I’d find a good one, it was like gold. I wish more teachers knew how to design effectively.

      By the way, a friend of mine who is doing something related (teaching teachers how to create a basic website) had some success with a quick local workshop at the school where he was teaching – just getting the teachers together and presenting the material. You might consider doing that in order to test-drive the content and get initial leads for your courses.

  • I was looking for inspiration so I checkour out Pat Flynn’s site ans listened to this podcast. Thank you for sharing your success and your journey.

    • Glad you enjoyed the podcast, Gwen!